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Connecticut Variable Peak Pricing FAQs

What is Variable Peak Pricing?

Variable Peak Pricing (VPP) is a form of a time-of-use (TOU) pricing that allows you to purchase your generation supply from Eversource at prices set on a daily basis.

Standard on-peak and off-peak time-of-use rates are in effect throughout the month.

Under the VPP program, the on-peak price for each weekday will be available the previous day (typically late afternoon) on Eversource's website. You will be billed for actual consumption during the billing cycle at these prices.

Can I switch on and off VPP on a daily basis according to my needs?

The purpose of VPP pricing is not to encourage day to day rate switching but to encourage shifts in the way people use energy, or to allow people who typically use power during off peak times to realize the economic value of that off peak usage.

Can I switch into or out of VPP at any time?

Yes. Changes will be made effective based on your meter-reading schedule.

Why are you offering VPP?

The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) authorized Variable Peak Pricing in response to legislation directed at offering voluntary real-time pricing to customers.

VPP pricing may provide the opportunity for some customers to save money by shifting their usage to off peak hours. Reduced load during peak hours ultimately saves money for everyone because it can delay the need for new capacity or delivery system enhancements otherwise necessary to meet peak loads.

What information will I see on my bill?

The charges on the bill will reflect the total on-peak and off-peak kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed in the month, on-peak and off-peak prices and the total amounts billed. VPP charges apply to the on-peak generation service portion of your bill. Detailed calculations that support your on-peak charge will be provided with each bill.

What can VPP do for me?

VPP may be of benefit to customers who can shift their load between on- and off-peak periods. If you receive service under the VPP program, the daily on-peak pricing will allow you to determine the amount of generation supply you wish to purchase for the following day at those prices.

Because prices will fluctuate, you should assess whether you should take advantage of this opportunity and ultimately benefit.

Who is eligible? What is required to receive VPP service?

VPP is available to all customers who purchase generation supply from Eversource. To be eligible, you must receive service under a time-of-use rate and have a meter capable of measuring and recording on-peak usage on a daily basis. Eversource will install the appropriate metering.

What are time-of-use (TOU) rates?

Time-of-use (TOU) rates vary by the time of day power is used. Eversource has two TOU periods: on-peak, which is defined as 12 noon to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday and off-peak for all other hours of the week.

When does it start?

VPP service for an individual customer will begin as of the first meter reading following acceptance into the program.

How can I learn more?

For details about the VPP program, and to apply for VPP program, call 800.286.2000 (860.947.2000 in Hartford/Meriden). Information may also be obtained from a Eversource account executive.