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Water Management and Quality

We strive to be a responsible steward of water resources throughout our operations.

Our Water Footprint

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Most of our water use is from the withdrawals made by our water utility, Aquarion.

We monitor and manage our reservoir and groundwater supplies to safeguard the health of our watersheds. In 2022, we performed more than 6,000 watershed and aquifer inspections to identify and protect against threats of pollution. 

Water management

Leak detection and mitigation are essential to conserving water and maintaining water efficiency in our distribution system. We use advanced remote and on-site techniques to maintain our system. In 2022, we replaced 19 miles of water mains to reduce the likelihood of leaks. 

We also utilize demand management techniques to climate-proof our water systems. 2022 was another drought year throughout the New England service area, and we expanded our twice-weekly irrigation schedule in Connecticut, avoiding the need for more drastic water restrictions.

Drinking Water Quality

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Delivering safe, clean drinking water to our customers is our highest priority. Aquarion performed over 180,000 water quality tests for more than 100 different compounds in 2022 to ensure that our water meets or exceeds state and federal standards.

Aquarion also voluntarily tests for "forever chemicals" in water since 2019, and publishes those results on their website. They also operate a per-and polyfluoroalkyl substance treatment facility in New Hampshire, and have submitted for a federal grant to test for unknown substances in water service lines. 

Our 2022 Sustainability Report

See highlights from other sustainability areas or download the full PDF report for detailed data, graphs and more.

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