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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means using less energy to get the job done. We connect our customers to industry-leading programs and tips designed to save money and energy.

Stay Comfortable, Use Less Energy and Save Money 

Energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective ways to save our customers money, equitably create access to green technology, reduce GHG emissions and create jobs in New England.

These programs include discounts, rebates and incentives for energy-saving products and services, professional energy assessments, tools to help customers better understand their energy use, and easy energy-saving tips. 

As we implement these solutions across our region, we are increasing engagement and providing additional support to customer groups that have historically had low participation. Economically stressed families and businesses that participate in our income-eligible programs are now benefitting from the long-term savings that follow these improvements. 

We invested approximately $674 million in energy efficiency programs for our customers.
Our programs reduced customer lifetime electricity usage by 8,776 gigawatt hours.
Natural gas customers reduced their lifetime natural gas consumption by 220 million therms.

Some of Our Innovative Programming:

ConnectedSolutions Demand Response

Reducing New England's carbon footprint means developing large-scale, innovative solutions. Our award-winning ConnectedSolutions Demand Response program allows us to strategically limit strain on the grid at times of peak generation, which can limit the need to use additional fossil fuel generation sources.

Demand Response programs vary by state, and may take advantage of smart devices, like select EV chargers, smart thermostats and home batteries. When you enroll your smart device, you allow us to strategically limit your energy use at times of peak demand in exchange for a financial reward.

You'll still be in control of your smart devices, and can opt out at any time. Plus, we offer rebates on many of the smart devices you'll need to participate. 

ConnectedSolutions Demand Response

Clean Energy Pathways

In 2021, as a Sponsor of Mass Save, we launched the Clean Energy Pathways program, which seeks to boost the energy efficiency workforce, and increase access to opportunities for individuals historically underrepresented in the industry, including women, people of color and LGBTQI+, and first generation, and/or multilingual individuals residing in environmental justice communities. 

The three-month internship program has the goal of placing 120 diverse recruits into the energy efficiency workplace while providing an hourly wage, professional development training and services to support new recruits.  

Saving energy on Main Street

Our Main Streets program helps small businesses reduce their energy costs and environmental impact. Authorized contractors schedule no-cost energy assessments, answer questions about energy-efficient upgrades, and even provide some improvements right on the spot.

We'll also schedule future installations of larger upgrades, like HVAC provide incentives for larger projects, which may qualify for incentives and interest-free financing.

In Massachusetts, 2021 proved to be a very successful year. We contacted businesses across 37 communities and completed more than 1,200 energy assessments, leading to more than 16 GWh saved. 

See For Yourself

We offer industry-leading energy efficiency solutions for homes and businesses. 

Our 2021 Sustainability Report

See highlights from other sustainability areas or download the full PDF report for detailed data, graphs and more.

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