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2022 Green Bond

In 2022, Eversource Energy subsidiary NSTAR Electric Company completed its fourth issuance of $400 million of green bonds (4.95% debentures due 2052) that financed eligible green expenditures. 100% of these expenditures were associated with our energy efficiency programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

A green bond is a fixed income instrument designed specifically to support climate-related or environmental projects. Offering the green bonds is another way the company is supporting energy efficiency efforts in Massachusetts.

When issued in September 2022, the company committed to allocate an amount equal to the net proceeds from the bonds ($395 million) to eligible green expenditures - specifically energy efficiency program spending in Massachusetts. 

The company also committed to report the key environmental features of those expenditures and to publish an independent accountants' report on the allocation of the eligible green expenditures.

Below you can find links to information on the energy efficiency programs as well as the environmental benefits of these programs.

There are also links to the green bond prospectus and our management assertion letter regarding the green bond allocation together with the independent accountants’ attestation report.

Historical Green Bond Information

Green Bonds finance eligible green expenditures including energy efficiency programs and solar power generation projects in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Past years information