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Transmission Pre-Studies and Assistance


At the customer’s request and expense, we can provide pre-studies to assess varies aspects of the proposed project prior to the submission of an interconnection request or during the interconnection analysis.

One example of this type of study is the design and engineering agreement, which is used to explore the feasibility of specific facets of a project or to begin engineering work ahead of interconnection agreement execution to expedite the project schedule.

Design and engineering agreements require a deposit scaling with the scope of work involved and customers are billed monthly as additional funds are required. Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded following the completion of the work contemplated by the agreement.

Eversource study findings do not overrule ISO New England study findings as determined in the interconnection analysis.

Individual Interconnection Plans and Commercial Arrangements

We can play multiple roles in the development of an organization’s desired infrastructure. Not only can we build the onshore transmission facilities required to meet the goals of a developer, we are willing to negotiate the responsibilities to finance and pay for the facilities, via appropriate commercial agreements. To see an example of a Transmission Support Agreement (TSA) that was recently approved, check out the TSA for Park City Wind

Complex Interconnections, Including Offshore Wind 

We can offer onshore turn-key solutions to integrate your project, including bids in response to state requests for proposals (RFP) or equivalent. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) may be required.  

We are proactive in finding ways to interconnect all types of generators. To support the development of offshore wind, we have secured Transmission Upgrade positions for 345 kV in the ISO New England queue. Additionally, we have assessed various onshore landing sites to determine feasibility for interconnection.  

Our service territory is the closest location to the center of most of the current Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) lease areas in the northeast, and owns large enough parcels for AC/DC switching stations.   

As the largest transmission provider in New England, we have unprecedented experience interconnecting more offshore wind to the power grid than any other transmission provider in the region. With our relationships and expertise, we can help you make your project a reality.

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