Street Light Service Process

Eversource works with municipalities and customers to ensure that streets across its service area are adequately lit.

Because city or town officials must initiate requests to install or remove municipal street lights, Eversource encourages customers to contact their city or town for this purpose.

Customers can Request Street Light Repair online or by contacting Eversource’s Customer Experience Department at 800-662-7764. Customer Experience is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When reporting a street light problem, please provide as much location information as possible. Because our line crews typically complete street light repairs during daylight hours, it is helpful for them to know information such as the pole number, street name, nearest cross street or nearest landmark. And please be prepared to provide your name and telephone number – Eversource does not charge customers who report street light problems, but our crews might need to contact you for more information about the problem.