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Solar Cost-Benefit Comparison

Understand the true savings you can accrue over the lifetime of your solar panel system, and how Eversource and EnergySage can help you along the way.

Between upfront installation costs, rebates, tax incentives, loan options and a lifetime of energy savings, there are a number of financial factors that will help determine the ultimate costs and savings of your solar panel system. Eversource and EnergySage will work to help you understand these options, and connect you with the solar panel system that best fits your energy needs.

The cost of installing solar panels is dropping across the nation, thanks in large part to tax breaks, rebates and other incentives offered by the government, your power utility and other organizations. Today, you can reduce the net cost of purchasing your solar panel system by anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. 

All solar panel energy systems are designed to save you money. Your solar savings will depend on where you live, how much energy you use and which financing options you choose. Eversource and EnergySage are here to ensure you understand all these factors and choose the system best suited to your unique situation.

You can learn more by contacting an Eversource representative, or on EnergySage's Solar Energy Pros & Cons list.