Energy Saving Tips for Fall

Tips to help you keep your home comfortable without raising costs too high, or using lots of energy.

  • Cut down on drafts. Seal air leaks around windows, vents, and door frames to prevent drafts.   
  • Take control of your home heating. Programmable and smart thermostats can be set to heat during specific times of the day. You can customize heating schedules to fit your routine. 
  • Replace your heating and cooling system’s filter. When clogged, it reduces airflow, which puts strain on your heating and cooling system. Check your filter once a month to make sure it’s not too dirty and replace as necessary. 
  • Seal your windows. Use locks on your windows to make them tighter and draft resistant. 
  • Upgrade efficiently. When upgrading an appliance or purchasing new electronics, look for ENERGY STAR® certified models.
  • Refrigerator settings. Turn your refrigerator down a few degrees. If yours has an energy-saving setting, switch it on. 
  • Check your water heater. Reduce the temperature to 120° (not any higher) on your water heater.
  • Light with LEDs. Use ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs for all lighting needs.
  • Advanced power strips. Utilize advanced power strips and shut the power off to electronics when not in use.
  • Solar power. Use the sun to your advantage by opening curtains and blinds during the day and close them at night to reduce drafts.
  • Check your fireplace damper. When the damper is open and there isn’t a fire burning, warm air can escape through the chimney. 

Looking To Save More This Fall?

Consider a no-cost virtual Home Energy Assessment. Homeowners, renters and landlords can all save with rebates, home energy advice and more. 

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