Eversource crews staged in Louisiana while supporting Hurricane Ida restoration

Hurricane Ida Mutual Aid Response

Hurricane Ida caused catastrophic damage to the electric system in Louisiana with more than 1 million people initially out of power. Eversource crews are supporting restoration efforts.

Answering The Call

More than 100 Eversource employees, 120 contract line crews and 20 tree crews are supporting the response effort. The crews and personnel are from all three states that we serve.

We’re proud to support Entergy Louisiana—just as other utilities have supported us in previous storms—and to help Louisianians recover from this damage.

Working in the Heart of Storm Damage

Crews are working in Raceland and Matthews, Louisiana — areas that were hit hard. A representative from Entergy told crews that he had witnessed 14 straight hours of 100 mph wind with gusts up to 200 mph. There is so much damage that Eversource crews are often doing complete rebuilds.

“The damage is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The lines and major circuits are down. Every pole is broken for a long ways.”

- Tom Davis, Manager of Construction and Maintenance

Restoration Snapshots

Crews are staged at a FEMA camp in Louisiana. From here, they get deployed to complete the day's restoration activities.
Miles of roadside distribution lines are damaged. In some cases, entire substations and high-voltage transmission right of ways are destroyed.
Each day, after coordinating with Entergy Louisiana on a plan, crews are given project and safety briefs before starting work.
In some cases, crews are completely rebuilding distribution lines, setting poles and stringing wire on each utility pole.
In other cases, crews are assessing damage and making initial repairs before full repairs can be completed.
Despite being out of power since the storm hit, local residents have constantly shown support for crews and even provided homemade meals.
We're proud of our employees and crews for being away from home and helping the residents of Raceland and Matthews, Louisiana.