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Tree Assessment

Concerned about a tree on your property that's near wires?

As part of our response to COVID-19, Eversource is limiting activities to those that are critical or essential to the safety and reliability of our system. Tree Assessment requests for non-emergency tree concerns are being temporarily suspended to limit interactions between our employees and customers. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Eversource tree contractors work throughout the year to keep our electric system free from interfering trees and branches.

However, our tree crews will only remove those branches that have the potential to damage our electric system or are causing significant chafing or mechanical strain to your service line.

Before you submit a Tree Assessment Request to Eversource, please determine which diagram below best describes your situation.

Diagram A

Tree Trimming - Diagram A

A tree that is close to, but not directly touching the electric service wire between the electric pole and your house.

Please contact a qualified arborist to perform the tree work.

Diagram B

Tree Trimming - Diagram B

A tree branch in direct contact causing noticeable pressure or strain on the electric service wire between the pole and your property.

Please continue to our Tree Trimming Assessment request below.

Diagram C

Tree Trimming - Diagram C

A tree located on your property that is impacting the electric wires between two utility poles.

Please continue to our Tree Trimming Assessment request below.

Tree Assessment Request 

Please note, you must be the owner of the tree in order to submit a Tree Assessment Request. A submission will result in an Eversource representative evaluating the situation within 14 calendar days. It is not a guarantee that Eversource will complete the work.

More information about Eversource's Vegetation Management policies is available.

Please do not attempt to do the work yourself and contact a qualified arborist for any work Eversource will not do.