What it Costs to Power Your Home for a Day

It costs about $5 a day for the average Eversource customer to power their home.

That includes keeping the lights on, the home at a comfortable temperature, the food fresh, devices charged and more. 

How Much Common Household Items May Cost in a Day

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Know more about your home and vehicles

5 hours charging an electric vehicle with a level 2 charger costs around $7.94. Learn more about owning an EV and programs we offer. 

2 hours running a heat pump costs around $0.88, while the same time with electric resistance heating costs $2.64. Understand how your heat pump impacts your energy usage.

Finding Your Power Usage

The average customer in Massachusetts uses 550 kWh a month. 

The amount of kWh you use will depend on how big your home is, the age of your home, how many people live there, your appliances and more.

You can get a detailed look at your own total, including where you're using the most energy, if you have an online account. 

See your usage history

Your personal energy use information can also be found on page two of your bill.

Check out our sample electric bill to help you find where.

What is a kWh?

Your energy use is measured in kWh, so what does that mean? 

A kilowatt hour (kWh) is the common measurement for electrical power, the use of 1,000 watts of energy over time.

An example would be if you kept 10 100-watt lightbulbs illuminated around your home for one hour. 

Save Money and Energy

Once you understand your own usage, you can use these tips and tools to save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Get started with energy efficiency