Demand Response

Businesses of all sizes can earn money and save energy with our suite of demand response solutions.

These solutions reduce your business’s energy use during periods of high or costly demand, with incentives available from Eversource when you participate in demand response events. Please note, you need to enroll in the program prior to being eligible for incentives. 

Eversource's team of demand response experts and trusted partners will work closely with you to find the right plan for your business and facilities - with little or no operational impact.

They will utilize ConnectedSolutions, a suite of demand response options and tools that can help you manage demand and while earning incentives. Available tools include energy storage, advanced controls and active monitoring.

Earning Incentives

After enrolling in the program, you lower your electricity use in response to Eversource calling a peak demand event.

There are a variety of ways you can lower your electricity use including both automated and manual actions. Eversource and our trusted partners will help you find the solution that is right for you.

Your incentive payment is based on your average kilowatt (kW) reduction over the season and will be paid out based on your average performance. Incentives range from $25 to $200 per average kW reduction. There are no penalties for non-performance.

Download the PDFs below for more detailed information about incentives. 

Peak Demand Events

You will receive notification 24 hours before a peak demand event is called. Notifications can be sent via email, text message and/or phone call depending on your preferences. You will also receive notification when the event is over.

Curtailment Service Providers

Curtailment service providers (CSPs) are our trusted partners who provide demand response equipment and services. In return for their services, you split your incentive payment with them. The split is determined through your negotiations with the CSP.

You do not need a CSP to participate or earn incentives, but their services often reduce operational impacts and can provide additional valuable information about your energy use. You can contact our eligible CSPs using the information below to discuss their offerings.

Qualified Battery Partners for Business Customers

  • Tesla
  • STEM
  • Cadenza

CSPs listed above may be partnered with additional battery manufacturers. If your battery manufacturer is not listed here, you can check with these CSPs for other qualified manufacturers. 

Qualification & Getting Started

You must be an Eversource electric customer on a commercial electric rate and pay into Eversource energy efficiency funds. Customers served by Cape Light Compact in Massachusetts are not eligible.  Full qualifications, terms and conditions are available in the program materials.

To get started, visit our business enrollment page or email