Refrigerators, Freezers and Cold Storage Systems

Keeping your business running and your employees safe is top of mind. Follow the simple tips below to reduce your refrigeration system's energy use.


Service large and walk-in refrigeration systems at least once per year to help ensure efficient operation and longer equipment life. Clean your refrigeration system's condenser coils twice a year because dust and debris can collect in them, restricting free air flow. Check door seals on your refrigerator(s) and replace the seal if it is torn or partially missing. A broken seal can have the same impact as leaving the door open. 

Position refrigeration units in open areas where air flows freely around them. Don’t over fill your refrigerator. Cool air should be allowed to circulate around each item.

Install night covers, glass doors or plastic curtains on your refrigerators and freezers to reduce your cooling load and minimize heat gain from the environment.

When you need to purchase a new appliance, consider purchasing an energy efficient product. Commercial refrigerators and freezers can save over 45% of the energy used by conventional models. There are also instant savings available on eligible appliances.

Consult with your electrician on the types of high efficiency motors available for installation on your refrigeration systems.