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Property Damage Claims

If you have suffered damage to your property and think Eversource may be responsible, you can file a claim.

What You Will Need

  • Claimants are required to provide itemized repair bills or repair estimates to support proof of damages and alleged losses.
  • Photographs should be taken of all damaged property at the time event occurs or when discovered, and before items are discarded.  A final decision will not be made until we receive bills and estimates. Proof requests are not an agreement to pay a claim. 
  • We encourage you to also notify your insurance carrier. 

How We Respond

Once we receive your completed claim form, we’re responsible for determining negligence.

Our claims process takes approximately 30 days to complete, but a more complex review may take longer.  

During this review, we may contact you with follow-up questions, interview employees or witness, or conduct a technical evaluation to determine: 

  • How the incident happened 
  • Whether or not Eversource caused the incident 
  • The extent of the damage 

Once the review is complete, we will contact you with the status of your claim.  

File your property damage claim

To submit a claim offline, please download and mail in a printable form.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Submitting a form does not guarantee payment. We must review the information and complete an investigation. 
  • We will not reimburse for damages due to service interruptions caused by sudden equipment failure, storms, falling trees, weather, wind, lightning, animals and motor vehicle accidents, or from causes beyond our control. 
  • In cases where we acknowledge responsibility, claim payments will be made only to the properly identified owners of the damaged property. Payments will not be made to contractors or other agents of the customer engaged in the inspection or repair of damaged property.
  • Claims relating to damages, injuries, interruptions of service or voltage irregularities that result from acts of third parties, such as contractor digs or vehicle-versus-pole accidents, are not paid by Eversource.
  • We do not repair alleged damaged property of others nor inspect damaged appliances or goods for the purpose of determining the nature or extent of damage. 
  • Inspections and repairs must be performed by contractors or agents of the claimant’s choice. We do not recommend contractors or repair agencies.
  • We may inspect or appraise damaged property for the purpose of determining fair and reasonable value. Payments will be made based on actual cash value. Waiver of inspection does not constitute agreement as to the fair and reasonable value of the damaged property. 
  • Claimants have a duty to limit damages and minimize losses. Damages arising from a claimant’s failure to make repairs and minimize losses will not be reimbursed.
  • Eversource contractors are responsible for their own operations and carry mandatory liability insurance. Claims relating to contractor activities will be referred to the contractor and its insurer for processing. The claimant will be advised accordingly.
  • Claims for damages arising from interruption or irregularities in gas or electric service are considered under the terms and conditions of the Schedule for Electric/Gas Service, which are on file with your state department of utilities.
View property damage FAQs for more details

Need help?

Please contact Eversource's Claims Department at 844-685-4475. You will be asked to leave your name and mailing address or email address, and a claim form will be sent to you by the method requested.