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Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Eversource is committed to providing resources this winter and beyond with no- and low-cost ways you can use less energy.

Dry two or more loads in a row to take advantage of the heat from your dryer.

Get more done with less energy by throwing in a second load of laundry right after the first. Your dryer has already generated a wealth of heat during your first load, so take advantage of that heat.

Reverse your ceiling fans.

Normally, ceiling fans spin counterclockwise, allowing you to feel cooler in the warmer months. However, most ceiling fans have a reverse switch that will force them to turn clockwise, producing a downdraft and moving the warm air that collects near your ceiling down into the rest of the room.

Make sure your home devices are set to save power. 

Check your computer, monitor, TV, and other electronics to make sure they are set to conserve energy. If you are looking for a new device, check for the ENERGY STARĀ® logo.

Use the locks on your windows and external doors.

This will make sure they're sealed shut and help keep out drafts.

Have a heat pump? Set it and forget it.

Turning your heat pump on and off, or constantly adjusting its temperature settings, may use more energy and cause comfort issues. Generally, it's advised to find a temperature that's comfortable and leave it there. We offer more tips on maximizing heat pump performance here

Take note of your chimney. 

Your chimney acts like an open window, allowing heated air to fly right out. Be sure your damper is closed when the fireplace is not in use and check the seal on the flue damper to make it as tight as possible. You may also want to consider installing tempered glass doors and a heat-air exchange system that blows warm air into the room. 

Lay down rugs on hardwood floors.  

Add an extra layer of insulation to your home and save money and energy. Rugs help trap cold air underneath and keep it from circulating around the room. 

Looking To Save More This Winter?

Try our Heating Cost Calculator, which can help you better understand your energy use.

Heating Cost Calculator