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Connecticut Electric Vehicle Charging Rebate Program Suspension

Eversource to pause processing new applications for the Connecticut Electric Vehicle Charging Program after May 22, 2024, due to recent regulatory decisions

Across our three-state service territory, our programs garner attention as some of the best energy efficiency and electric mobility offerings in the country. This success is founded on state regulatory environments that promote eager participation from our teams at Eversource and our valued customers.

The Connecticut Electric Vehicle Charging Program was designed to enable Eversource to provide meaningful incentives for residents, businesses and communities to install electric vehicle charging equipment in support of the state’s emission reduction targets. Since inception, over 5,000 Connecticut residential customers have benefitted from $8 million in savings by charging their EV at home versus heading to the gas pump.

The EV charging made possible by these installations eliminated 24,000 tons of carbon emissions.

To date, Eversource has invested over $50 million dollars to enable greater access to electric vehicle charging programs. However, recent regulatory decisions are calling into question the stability of the state’s support for EV funding, impeding our ability to continue funding these important customer programs. Until a clear and predictable path to cost recovery is established by the state, new applications submitted after May 22 will be paused for processing and will be waitlisted.

For more details, please read our motion requesting a decision on program funding.

Impacts to EV Charging Incentives

Effective May 23, 2024, new Residential EV charging rebate applications for Connecticut customers will be placed on a waitlist. Incentive payments may be issued only for eligible projects on this waitlist once the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) establishes a secure funding mechanism to administer these programs. Applications submitted prior to this date that are still under review will be processed and may be eligible for incentives.

Once program funding is secured, we will resume issuing incentive payments for the EV charging programs. If you would like to express concerns about this situation, we encourage you to contact your legislator. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this important matter.

Program Impact Summary

ResidentialApplications submitted after May 22, 2024, will be placed on a waitlist and processed upon program resumption. Current in-process applications are unaffected by this program change.  
Level 2
Applications submitted after May 22, 2024, will be placed on a waitlist and processed upon program resumption. Current in-process applications are unaffected by this program change. 
DC FastAll 2024 DC Fast applications are being placed on a waitlist and will be processed upon program resumption. No new DC Fast projects will be awarded.  

Important dates and deadlines

Waitlist Deadline Item 
May 22, 2024, at 11:59 pm Completed applications submitted online or via mail due. Applications submitted after this date or postmarked after this date will be placed on a waitlist while processing is paused. 
June 22, 2024 Any incomplete applications or applications missing information at this time will be moved to the waitlist. Managed Charging enrollment must be completed by this date to continue processing the application.
December 31, 2024 Participants in the Managed Charging program will receive incentives through this date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated, April 25, 2024

How can I get in touch with a program representative if I have further questions?

Are you currently accepting and approving EV charging incentive applications?

Yes, we will continue accepting applications for single and small multifamily home charging rebates until May 22, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Online applications submitted after this date will be paused for processing and added to a waitlist; mailed applications must be postmarked by May 22, 2024, otherwise they will be paused for processing and added to a waitlist.

Which programs are impacted by this decision?

All Eversource Connecticut EV charging programs are impacted, including home charging installation and Managed Charging participation.

What do I need to do to get my home charging rebate before applications are put on a waitlist?

  1. Ensure you are installing or have a qualified smart charger or vehicle that is on our qualified product list
  2. Complete any installation and electrical work needed
  3. Submit an application on our rebate portal by May 22, 2024
  4. When prompted, complete Managed Charging enrollment by June 22, 2024

For customers who have already submitted an application but haven’t received rebates, please provide any additional information and/or documentation that has been requested and complete Managed Charging enrollment by 11:59 pm on June 22, 2024.

How does this decision impact participation and incentives for Managed Charging?

Customers currently enrolled in Managed Charging (Off-Peak Rewards, Scheduled Charging, or Demand Response) will remain in their current program and be eligible for participation incentives through December 31, 2024.

Residential customers who submit an application for rebates on a charger or wiring upgrade prior to May 22, 2024, will still be required to enroll in Managed Charging by June 22, 2024.

When do you expect to issue incentives for waitlisted applications?

We are eager to collaborate with PURA and other stakeholders to create a more secure, timely and adequate funding mechanism for the program. Once a resolution is reached, we are prepared to resume accepting applications.  

I submitted my application before May 22; how long will I need to wait to receive my rebate?

We are actively reviewing applications and processing payments within our standard timeline. Applications received before the May 22 deadline will be processed the same way.

I ordered a qualifying smart charger, but I won’t be able to have it installed by May 22. If I have a receipt for the charger, am I still eligible for rebates?

No, currently we are requiring that customers complete any purchases and installation work by May 22, 2024.

Own a business? See business impacts.