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Electric Vehicle Home Charger Managed Charging

What is Managed Charging?

Receive a reward for using less energy when others are using more and help us maintain a healthy grid as EV adoption increases.

Participants in the Managed Charging program are encouraged to charge their EVs during off-peak hours and participate in peak demand events. This will help decrease the stress on the electric system while lowering your carbon emissions even further.

    Rewards for participating

    In Off-Peak Rewards, you'll earn up to $200 per program year in rewards, broken down as follows:

    Earn rewards up to $120 per program year for charging during off-peak hours

    • Every month, as long as 80% of your charging time is during off-peak hours and you have had at least one 15-minute home charging session, you'll earn $10 per month.
    • Off-peak hours are defined as any time other than 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays. You can charge any time during the weekends. 
    • You will be in charge of deciding when you use your home charger. Nothing will prevent you from charging during peak hours, though you may lose that month's $10 incentive if more than 20% of your home charging time is during peak hours.

    Earn up to $80 per program year for not opting out of peak demand events

    • From June to September, as long as you don't opt out of peak demand events, you'll earn $20 per month.
    • Peak demand events are pre-defined times when energy use is exceptionally high. These events can only occur during late afternoon on summer weekdays and last 3 hours. Typically, there are 10 - 15 of these events per year between June and September.
    • We will provide advanced notice of these events, and your qualified smart device will automatically stop charging during the event.
    • You will remain in control of your charging, and can opt out of these events if you need to charge during the pre-set time.

    How to Enroll

    To sign up for Managed Charging, you'll need a qualified smart device that will allow you to participate. There are two types of devices that work: 

    A qualified level 2 smart charger
    These smart chargers can connect to Wi-Fi, which allows them to participate. You'll need to make sure your smart charger is on this list. If you don't have a smart charger we offer rebates up to $500, and all chargers that qualify for a rebate can enroll in Managed Charging. 

    Telematics vehicle connection
    Some EVs, including most Teslas, can connect directly without the need for a smart charger. You can check this list to see if your EV has this feature.

    Once you're sure you have a qualified device, select the option below and enroll today. You'll be eligible for rewards this year, plus a $100 incentive for enrolling. 

    Enroll with a Level 2 Smart Charger

    Enroll with Telematics Vehicle Connection

    I have telematics, but I need a wiring upgrade

    Cars that have telematics will still need a high-voltage outlet to charge. We offer a $500 rebate to help you install the necessary wiring, plus a $100 reward for enrolling in Managed Charging. 

    Get your wiring upgrade

    ConnectedSolutions Demand Response Offerings

    ConnectedSolutions programs help you earn rewards for allowing us to adjust energy use on qualifying smart devices, like wi-fi thermostats and battery systems.

    Learn more about ConnectedSolutions for smart devices