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Enrollment Process in Massachusetts

Taking advantage of this opportunity and becoming an EV host site in Massachusetts is an easy, five-step process.

Ask your account executive about how you can be an EV host site today, or email

Step 1: Application and Contract
The process starts with filling out and submitting an application to be a host site. The application can be submitted to

Step 2: Choose a Location
Next, we will arrange a site visit with your team and our qualified contractor, who will perform the construction work for the EV charging station infrastructure.

The contractor will go over the plans, expectations and timelines with you. Once a plan is approved, an agreement will be signed. 

Step 3: Purchase a Charger
You will be required to purchase your EV charging stations from a qualified vendor and send us proof-of-purchase within 30 days of signing the agreement before construction can begin.

Step 4: No-Cost Infrastructure
Once the charging stations have been purchased, our contractor can begin laying down the necessary infrastructure to connect your charging stations. This will include the trenching, conduits, wires, meter, and if necessary, a transformer, all at no cost to you. 

Step 5: Make the Connection
After the electric infrastructure is in place, we will coordinate with your charging station vendor to install your charging stations.

After a final inspection, you will be ready to use your new EV charging stations. 

Download a PDF of this enrollment process.