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Sample Electric Bill

This is a sample of a typical electric bill. Hover over or tap a green information icon to learn more about each bill component.

Note: Sample bills are for illustrative purposes only. If you have trouble viewing the descriptions of each bill section, view the text below the bill.

Connecticut Sample Electric Bill

First page of a Connecticut sample electric bill

  • Usage History/Total Monthly kWh: You can compare how your energy use changes by month and the average temperature.
  • Supply: This is the cost of electricity from a supplier or on Eversource’s Standard Service. This cost is not regulated but is based on competitive procurements and is dependent on energy usage.
  • Transmission: This is the cost to maintain high voltage towers and lines. It is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and is dependent on energy usage.
  • Local Delivery: This is the cost for Eversource to build, maintain, and repair the poles, lines, and meters that deliver power from the substations. This cost is regulated by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA).
  • Public Benefits: This is the cost to support energy programs authorized by the state and is dependent on energy usage.
  • Supplier Details: Displays your supplier rate and terms. If you have chosen another electric supplier, important information is listed here, including a comparison of your current supply costs to what you would have paid on Eversource Standard Service.
  • Bill Stub: This bill stub is used if you are sending your payment to Eversource via postal mail.

Second page of a Connecticut sample electric bill

  • Account Summary: This section shows your summary of current charges including payments received and any past-due amounts.
  • Meter Information Table: This meter reading summary shows the number of days in the billing cycle, the next meter read date, and your total kilowatt usage.
  • Monthly kWh Use: View the total kilowatts (kWh) used monthly over the last 13 months.
  • Total Charges for Electricity: This list breaks down the line items that make up the Supply, Transmission, Local Delivery, and Public Benefits charges.

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