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Hopkinton to Ashland Transfer Line Replacement Project

We continue to plan and permit the Hopkinton to Ashland Replacement project to improve the flow of natural gas between Hopkinton and Ashland. The Project is currently awaiting approval from the Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB). A timeline on an EFSB decision is unknown currently.

This transfer line replacement project will replace a total of 3.8 miles of existing gas pipeline with new 12-inch pipe. This upgrade is an important step to ensuring a consistent, reliable flow of natural gas in the area as demand for natural gas continues to grow. The existing 6-inch pipe was installed in the early 1950s and undersized for current gas demand.

Construction for this project is planned to take place within a pipeline corridor, where Eversource has existing access (easement) rights. No new above-ground buildings or equipment will be added with this work.

Pending final permit approvals, the project is expected to take 5-years with construction between March and November each year. Work will cease between December and February when the ground is typically snow-covered or frozen - making construction work slow and difficult.

During construction, all Eversource employees and contractors carry identification, which you can ask to see at any time. Customers will not see an interruption in their service as part of this project. Eversource will also restore any impacted property - including driveways, lawns, sprinkler systems, fences, etc. - to existing or like-new condition. We will be meeting with any residents affected by project work to reach a restoration agreement prior to the start of any work.

Important Documents & Filings

Keeping You Connected

We understand that living and working near a construction zone can be challenging, and we recognize that our project personnel will be guests in your neighborhood.

We’re committed to keeping you informed through a variety of methods including letters, community meetings, door-to-door notifications, phone calls and other methods you might prefer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact one of Eversource's Community Relations Specialist:

Ashland - Jared Blandino, 508-660-5205

Hopkinton - Kevin Murphy, 617-791-5559