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Hopkinton LNG Liquefaction Replacement Project

The facility upgrades that are part of the Hopkinton LNG Liquefaction Replacement Project will modernize the equipment while also making it easier to maintain. The facility will continue to operate safely and reliably during the project.

Eversource's Hopkinton LNG facility serves a critical role in ensuring the reliability of our local distribution system, storing natural gas as a liquid during the summer months when gas is most economically available.

During the winter months, when natural gas is most expensive and at times difficult to obtain, it helps provide gas service to approximately 300,000 customers in 36 towns - stabilizing natural gas pricing and offsetting significant swings in customers' natural gas bills. The facility can provide up 42 percent of customer supply on the coldest days of the year.

The facility also serves as a backup to constrained gas pipelines serving New England, allowing for a local supply of natural gas to serve customers during unexpected pipeline outages.


Project construction will occur over a period of 16 months, beginning in the spring of 2019. Construction activities and deliveries will occur within the plant property, with some limited work being performed adjacent to the street.

Minimal work will take place at the existing street crossing and road closures are not anticipated.

Work will begin with site clearing and grading for new equipment, followed by the installation of foundations, structural steel, buildings, electrical equipment, piping, and other mechanical equipment.

At completion, the construction area and general surroundings will be cleaned, tree and grass plantings will be established, and site roadways will be surfaced.

Outreach and Project Approval

Eversource has been working closely with local and state public officials since 2014 to develop and gain approval of the project by the Mass. Department of Public Utilities (DPU).

Throughout the development process, Eversource has been committed to working with local stakeholders to minimize any negative impacts to the public.

In keeping this commitment, Eversource has proactively engaged with and sought feedback from the Town of Hopkinton's Management Group, Board of Selectman, Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Board of Health, Police Department, Fire Department, Chamber of Commerce and other local stakeholders. A copy of our community outreach plan for the project is available.

Eversource is committed to working with the town throughout construction, commissioning and future operation of the facility.

The project received final approval from the DPU on December 21, 2018.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the project, please email or call 508-305-7153.