Demand Response for Home Battery Storage

Earn rewards and lower carbon emissions by enrolling your newly installed home battery storage system in Eversource's ConnectedSolutions. This program is financed by the New Hampshire Clean Energy Fund.

Home batteries can help you store clean energy generated by a home solar system or simply provide backup energy in case you need it. 

By enrolling your new battery in the ConnectedSolutions Demand Response program, you will be rewarded for allowing Eversource to use the energy stored in your battery at times of high demand. If there is an extreme weather event in the forecast, we will not draw energy from your battery.

Enrollment Incentive Earnings

Eversource offers an enrollment incentive when you enroll your recently purchased battery in ConnectedSolutions (purchased since November 2022). The incentive is based on the discharge capacity of your battery. You can expect to receive up to $3,000 at a rate of $230 per kWh of your installed system.

This incentive will be sent in to form of a check once we have confirmation that your battery has been brought online after installation. In return for receiving an enrollment incentive, your battery is required to participate in demand response events for a minimum of three years. 

Demand response events can occur June through September between 2pm to 7pm, and typically happen between 4-7pm most days during July and August. During the events, your battery will be discharged up to the enrolled capacity amount. If there is an extreme weather event in the forecast, we will not draw energy from your battery.

Qualified Partners 

In order to qualify for the enrollment incentive, your battery system must be from an approved manufacturer. Your battery must also have been purchased after October 31, 2022. Visit our FAQ page or click below to learn more.

  • Sonnen eligible models: eco batteries (generation 2 or above), ecoLinx battery (all generations), sonnenCore (all generations), sonnenCore+
  • Sunnova (any battery installed by Sunnova is eligible)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like to know more? We have answers to frequently asked questions about the ConnectedSolutions Battery Storage Demand Response program.

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