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Budget Billing

Budget billing lets you divide your annual energy costs into fixed monthly payments so you know exactly how much your electric bill will be each month. This helps you avoid seasonal spikes to better manage expenses.


What to Expect

  • To enroll, your account must be up to date with no balance due  
  • The estimated monthly budget amount is based on past annual usage for your location
  • Your monthly bill will show your actual usage charges and budget billing payments to date 
  • Plans reset every year and continue until you move or cancel 


Settle-Up Month

Each year, in the 12th month of your plan, you will be asked to pay off any remaining balance. A balance cannot roll over to the next budget year.

  •   If your actual usage was less than the budgeted amount, the difference will be credited to your 12th payment  

  •  If your actual usage was more than the budget amount, the balance due will be added to your 12th payment

Our goal is to estimate your monthly budget as close as possible to your actual usage to help eliminate surprises during the settle-up month.


Set Up Budget Billing Now 


Need Help?

You can call us at 800-662-7764 for questions about your account.