New Hampshire Winter Rate Changes

There are two upcoming rate changes that will impact your electric bill – a delivery rate decrease and a supply rate increase

Overall, residential customers receiving electric supply from Eversource using an average of 600 kilowatt hours per month could see a 6% or $8 increase to their February bill when compared with January. Your total bill will depend on how much energy is used, the rate you are on, and weather conditions.  

Why might the delivery rate decrease?

The delivery rate covers the cost of delivering safe and reliable power to our customers. It has the potential to change on Jan. 1, Feb. 1 and Aug. 1 every year. We've requested a decrease to this charge pending approval from state regulators on Jan. 1.

If the delivery rate decrease is approved, it may go unnoticed on your bill due to higher electricity use during the winter months.

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Why is the supply rate increasing?

The electric supply rate recovers the cost of purchasing electricity on your behalf. This rate is adjusted twice annually and we make no profit from it. Customers who receive electric supply from Eversource will see an increase on the supply side of their electric bill beginning Feb. 1.

Natural gas is used to generate electricity in our region and this increase is driven by higher-than-normal natural gas prices globally. The new rate will be in effect through July 31.

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What You Can Do

We know any increase to your bill is challenging. We're here to help you manage your energy usage and bill.

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