Summer 2021 Rate Adjustments

Changes to your electric bill coming August 1

Two rate changes will take effect this summer. Starting with August bills, all customers will see an overall decrease in delivery charges. Customers that receive energy supply from Eversource will see an increase in their energy supply rate.

Customers typically use more energy during the summer months, so this increased energy use will also be reflected in higher monthly bills during the summer season.

Did you know: Most New Hampshire customers use 25% more electricity during hot summer weather to keep cool and to keep basements dry. We have energy efficiency programs and tips to help you lower your usage and save.

Chart showing average energy use during the summer in New Hampshire

Delivery Charge Decrease

On August 1, your bill reflects a decrease in delivery charges.

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Why is this charge changing?

This rate covers costs associated with building and maintaining a reliable electric system. Delivery rates change twice each year – on February 1 and August 1.

Energy Supply Rate Increase

Also on August 1, customers that receive energy supply from Eversource will see an increase in their energy supply rate. 

The energy supply rate does not apply to customers on competitive supply or municipal aggregation.

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Why is this rate changing?

Twice a year, in February and August, Eversource selects the best rates in the competitive energy marketplace to provide your energy supply. Due to a return to increased energy demand as COVID-19 impacts lessen, the energy service portion of your bill, as approved by state regulators, is increasing.

Learn More About Supply and Delivery Charges

Your Eversource electric bill is made up of two charges—supply and delivery. As a regulated utility, the rates that make up these charges are reviewed and approved by state regulators.

What's the difference between supply and delivery?