Electric Assistance Program

Income-eligible customers may qualify for a discount off their monthly electric bill through the New Hampshire Electric Assistance Program (EAP).

The level of discount depends on household income and household size. For more program details, view our EAP Brochure.

Please note, the assistance discount does apply to the Supplier Services portion of an electric bill when a customer chooses an independent supplier for their electricity needs.

Residential customers may apply for the Electric Assistance Program (EAP) by contacting one of the Community Action Programs located throughout the state. The table below provides general guidelines. However, it is best to call your local agency to verify eligibility.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

PY 2022-2023
60% of State Median Income (SMI)

Household Size 30 Days 365 Days
1 $3,202 $38,969
2 $4,188 $50,959
3 $5,173 $62,950
4 $6,159 $74,941
5 $7,145 $86,931
6 $8,130 $98,922
7 $8,315 $101,170
8 $8,500 $103,418