Understanding Your Electric Bill

What Are You Paying For?

Several line items make up your bill, but they really fall into four categories – all of which are driven by the amount of electricity you use. Watch the "Understanding Your Eversource Bill" video below to learn what these categories are and how they affect your bill.

Parts of Your Bill

Your electric bill from Eversource is divided into two major parts. Supply - the actual cost of the electricity you use in your home or business - and delivery, which includes the costs of building, maintaining and operating the system that delivers reliable service to your home, as well as state and federally mandated charges that fund financial assistance, energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. The delivery charge is made up of three categories: Transmission, Distribution Operations and Service, and Public Policy.

If your electric bill was $150, the breakdown would look similar to this:


So what do these four categories mean and what do they look like on your bill?

We break it all down for you.

See a breakdown of your bill charges

How to read your bill

Review a Sample Electric Bill

If you'd like to better understand the format of your bill, review a sample bill with definitions.

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