Electric Supply Rates 

The supply portion of your bill is the cost of electricity you use. These rates are based on the current market price of electricity.

Current Supply Rates

The current supply rate for Rate R is $ .22566 per kWh.

If you have a different rate, visit our full list of New Hampshire electric rates.

How Frequently Supply Rates Change

Supply rates change twice each year—on February 1 and August 1—as demand for energy increases or decreases. 

How We Calculate the Supply Rate

We measure your usage using kilowatt hours (kWh). This is a measure of energy use over time. We then multiply your usage (kWh) by the supply rate to determine your supply charge.

Compare With Third Party Suppliers 

You have the option of choosing Eversource or another energy supplier to obtain energy on your behalf. You can compare available rates on The New Hampshire Department of Energy website.