Electric Delivery Rates 

The delivery portion of your bill includes the costs of maintaining and upgrading the grid, as well funding for critical customer services and programs, taxes and other state and federally mandated charges. 

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Current Rate R Delivery Rates

Rate R pricing is the most common rate for residential customers. If you have a different rate, visit our full list of New Hampshire electric rates or see the List and Applicability of Rates and Riders

Delivery rates typically change three times a year – on January 1, February 1 and August 1.

Delivery Component Current Rate
Customer Charge (per month) $13.81
(per month)
Distribution Charge (per kWh) 5.410
Regulatory Reconciliation Adjustment (per kWh) 0.046
Transmission Charge 2.36
Stranded Cost Recovery Charge (per kWh) 0.273
System Benefits Charge (per kWh) 0.863

Residential Time-of-Day rate (ROTOD-2)

The Residential Time-of-Day rate (ROTOD-2) provides a customer the opportunity to lower their monthly electricity costs by using electricity when it costs less to the system. By taking a few moments to learn the on-peak/off-peak schedule and shifting some electricity usage from peak to off-peak hours, Rate ROTOD-2 can benefit customers through lower monthly electric bills.  

Call Eversource at 800-662-7764 and speak to an Eversource customer service representative to evaluate if the Residential Time-of-Day rate would benefit you.