New Hampshire Energy Supply Increase - What You Need to Know

What is Happening?

In New Hampshire, the energy supply price – or default energy service rate – for Eversource customers changes twice a year on Feb. 1 and Aug 1.

Unlike previous summers when supply rates typically decrease, this year, customers that receive their energy supply from us will see an unprecedented increase in the supply portion of their bill.

On August 1, the default service rate will change from 10.669 cents per kilowatt hour to 22.566 cents per kilowatt hour.

How Much Will Your Bill Increase?

With this adjustment to the default energy service rate, on average, an Eversource residential electric customer in New Hampshire who uses 600 kilowatt hours of power each month will see a total bill increase of approximately $67.63 or 50% per month.

How much a customer pays will depend on how much energy is used, their rate category, and weather conditions.

During hot summer weather, New Hampshire residential customers also use, on average, about 25% more energy to run air conditioners to stay cool, which can also drive bills higher.

Why is the Supply Rate Rising So Significantly?

This significant increase is due to the record-high natural gas prices and the energy supply pressures from the global economy.  The New England region is particularly affected by energy supply volatility because natural gas is the primary fuel for generating electricity in the region.

Eversource does not earn a profit on the cost of electricity – we charge customers what we pay generators for producing the power.

You can learn more about energy supply and the components of your bill. 

The State of New Hampshire is Providing Energy Relief Assistance to Customers that Need it Most

Eversource and the State of New Hampshire recognize the significant financial burden of the high cost of energy. To help, the State of New Hampshire is providing assistance through two programs administered by the Department of Energy through the Community Action Agencies (CAAs):   

  • A one-time credit of $450 in heating assistance for households with incomes between 60% and 75% of the state median income.   
  • A one-time credit of $200 on the electric bills of households with incomes between 60% and 75% of the state median income.   

In addition, the state has added funds to support the existing electric assistance program (EAP) for households with incomes below 60% of the state median income.   

What You Need to Know   

You must apply to receive the heating assistance and electric bill credit through your local Community Action Agency by April 30, 2023.   

If you would like to help others pay their electric bill, visit Neighbor Helping Neighbor or mail a check, made payable to Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund, to:   

Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund   
P.O. Box 3804   
Manchester, NH 03105-3804   

Contact your local Community Action Agency to learn more about or to apply for the heating assistance credit, electric bill credit and the electric assistance program (EAP).

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