Billing Rights

If you have a question or complaint about your bill or any payment arrangement, there are a number of ways you can contact us:

  • Visit our website: 
  • Call us at: 800-662-7764 (Hearing impaired/TDD: 1-800-346-9994)
  • Or write to us at: PO Box 330, Manchester, NH 03105-0330

If you wish to enclose an inquiry or request with your electric bill payment, please do not write on the payment stub. Instead, use a separate piece of paper and include your name, address and account number.

If, after contacting us, your billing dispute is still unresolved, you may call the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC) at 800-852-3793.

For further information on your billing rights, you can download the NHPUC’s Uniform Administration of Utility Customer Relations, a document that applies to customers of all New Hampshire utilities.

Security Deposits

New Hampshire regulations allow Eversource to collect a security deposit from residential electric customers with accounts that are past due. We also collect a security deposit to reconnect service for those customers whose service has been disconnected for non-payment. A security deposit is also collected from all new electric commercial customers. It’s a payment guarantee in the event a customer defaults on his or her Eversource bill.

A security deposit may be waived if you:

  • Are a residential customer and provide certification of a financial hardship.
  • Enroll in Auto Pay and have your monthly Eversource bill payment automatically withdrawn from your checking account. Please note, Auto Pay is not available to customers who have filed bankruptcy. Any unpaid account balance will be withdrawn in the first installment and subsequent account balances due will be withdrawn every month thereafter. You can enroll in Auto Pay online. Please have your banking information available and notify Eversource at 844-273-7760 once enrolled.
  • Provide Eversource with a written guarantee from a third party who agrees to pay your balance (up to the deposit amount) in the event you miss one or more payments. Please have the third party contact us at 844-273-7760.
  • Purchase a surety bond from your insurance company for the amount requested. A copy of the bond can be mailed to Eversource at P.O. Box 330, Manchester NH 03105-0330. This waiver option is only available to commercial customers.

Payments received may be applied to the outstanding security deposit. It’s very important that you pay your total amount due which includes your security deposit to avoid disconnection of your service.

If you’re having difficulties paying your bill, we want to help. We’ll work with you to set up a payment plan for the total amount due including your security deposit. Other programs may also be available to help you pay your bill, including our Energy Efficiency programs.

The security deposit, plus accrued interest (less any amount owed to Eversource), will be refunded to you within 30 days of the date upon which you terminate service with Eversource, or when you’ve paid your Eversource bill on-time for 12 consecutive months (residential customers) or 24 consecutive months (commercial customers).