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Small Business Energy Solutions

The Small Business Energy Solutions program is a turnkey service for business customers with an average monthly demand of less than 200 kilowatts (kW).

This program replaces working but inefficient lighting and refrigeration equipment, and can help your business boost efficiency and save energy and money. Under this program,

  • A qualified energy contractor audits your facility free of charge, and provides you with a written proposal detailing the recommended energy-efficient improvements.
  • Eversource reviews the proposal to ensure that the proposed project is cost-effective and appropriate for your facility.
  • We pay up to 50 percent* of project costs for installation of identified energy-efficient measures.
  • The qualified energy contractor installs the measures, disposes of your old lamps and ballasts, and provides warranty service.
  • Eversource inspects the project to verify that the equipment was installed and is working, and that the job was done to your satisfaction.

Note: We award these contracts via a bid process to ensure customers receive quality work at competitive prices.

To apply for this program, please fill out our online form or contact our Business Contact Center at 866-554-6025.

Want to self-install or hire your own contractor?

Customers who choose not to participate in our turnkey lighting and refrigeration program can still receive incentives for their energy efficiency project by using our Commercial & Industrial Retrofit Program.

* Total reimbursements cannot exceed the customer’s incentive cap.