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Net Metering Program Capacity Information

On June 23, 2017, the NH Public Utilities Commission issued Order No. 26,029 (DE 16-576) that modified certain terms and conditions of the net metering program, including the removal of the limitation on the amount of generating capacity eligible for the new tariff. 

The table below provides information on the renewable generation projects in our service territory that are already operating in the net metering program and those that have been allocated capacity in the program but are not yet operational.  

Eversource determines which projects have reserved capacity in the program based on procedures developed during N.H. Public Utilities Commission proceeding (Docket No. DE 15-271).

Projects identified as participating in either the “Standard” or “Interim” tariff are those that received an allocation into the program prior to September 1, 2017.  Projects identified as part of the “Alternative” tariff are subject to the order issued on June 23, 2017.  Consult the Eversource tariff for additional details.

The tables below will be updated on a regular basis.

Standard or Interim Tariff
Project Category # of Projects Total Capacity (kW)
Small Projects
On-Line 4,929 40,374
In Progress 728 9,368
Total Allocated 5,657 49,742
Large Projects
On-Line 51 20,085
In Progress 11 5,419
Total Allocated 62 25,504
Alternate Tariff
Project Category # of Projects Total Capacity (kW)
Small Projects
On-Line 0 0
In Progress 4 46
Total Allocated 4 46
Large Projects
On-Line 0 0
In Progress 1 300
Total Allocated 1 300

(Data current as of: September 7, 2017)