1191 Line Rebuild Project

The rebuild of the transmission line is now complete

Why Did We Do This Project?

Maintaining infrastructure is one of the many ways we support the safe and secure transmission of electricity throughout the region.

The 1191 Line was originally built in 1933. This project replaced all original wood structures (97 in total), three steel structures and one lattice tower with new weathering steel monopoles.

In addition, the project scope involved replacing the existing conductor (wire) due to age and condition.

Where Was This Work Done?


The 115-kilovolt (kV) electric line spanned approximately 10 miles of Eversource right-of-way (transmission line corridor) between our Frost Bridge Substation in Watertown and Campville Substation in Harwinton.

It traversed Watertown, Thomaston, Litchfield and Harwinton.

When Was the Work Done?

Petition filing to the Connecticut Siting Council (CSC): September 18, 2020

CSC Decision Issued: Approved January 28, 2021

Start of construction: February 15, 2021

In-service date: September 27, 2021 

About This Project

Route length: ~10 miles 

Line voltage: 115,000-volt (115-kV) transmission line

Siting review by: The Connecticut Siting Council (CSC)

Community Outreach

Beginning with municipal briefings and other community outreach efforts, we engage the community throughout the lifecycle of a project to provide information, answer questions and address concerns.

We're committed to updating neighbors, businesses and the community about construction activities in the project area.  

Project Contact Information 

Keeping the lines of communication open is an important part of our work in your community.

For questions or more information about the project, please contact us at 1-800-793-2202 or ProjectInfo@eversource.com.