Jim Judge on Violence Against Asian-Americans

A message from Jim Judge, Eversource Executive Chairman, to employees on March 23, 2021

Dear colleagues,

Discrimination, violence and crimes against Asian-Americans have dramatically increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. One study shows that reports of hate crimes against Asian Americans rose nearly 150 percent in major U.S. cities – including Boston – last year.

More than 2,100 hate incidents against Asian-Americans were reported in just a three-month span last year, including physical and verbal attacks, online harassment and workplace discrimination, according to another report

The distressing trend of violence and discrimination toward Asian-Americans is further proof that our society must do more to respect and honor diverse populations. Eversource acknowledges this and pledges to continue our Diversity and Inclusion efforts. As a major employer in our communities, we have the power to make a positive impact.

Eversource is committed to our core values of Diversity and Inclusion, and does not tolerate or condone discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any group. I call on each of us to demonstrate respect and tolerance to all groups through our own actions, by welcoming diverse people, perspectives, and experiences on the job and in our communities. 

Thank you for your hard work and continuing efforts to make Eversource an example of inclusion, an important part of making us the best energy company in the nation. Take care and stay safe.