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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips

Save energy and cut costs without sacrificing comfort, regardless of unpredictable weather. 


Don't waste money heating or cooling unused space. Identify unused areas and adjust the temperature of your HVAC system in those zones.

This is better than shutting the system off completely because you avoid higher humidity levels, mold growth and other risks.

Use automatic controls, replacing manual-dial thermostats with inexpensive programmable or smart thermostats that could save another 5-15% on heating costs.

To lower your cooling costs during hot summer days, close shades and blinds to minimize heat gain from direct sunlight.

When the temperatures start to cool towards wintertime, keep blinds and shades open on sunny days to maximize heat gain from direct sunlight.

Multi-pane windows, some with inert gases between the panes, can provide more than double the insulating capabilities of your existing windows.

For cooling purposes, ceiling fans used in conjunction with the air conditioning system create a stronger cooling effect, allowing you to raise the air conditioning set point.

Check your forced hot air heating system’s supply and return ducts for easy-to-fix leaks. Clean the condenser coils (outdoor unit) quarterly for debris that can restrict free air flow, also making sure to inspect or replace filters every six months.