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Miller State Park Distribution Line Rebuild Project 

Eversource rebuilt a new, 4-kilovolt (kV) distribution line at Miller State Park, between Peterborough and Temple, New Hampshire to improve system reliability and rebuild the infrastructure to current electrical and safety standards. 

Construction Updates

Updated June 10, 2021:

On Thursday, June 10, 2021, the Auto Road will reopen to vehicles and pedestrians as the Eversource construction and restoration of the Miller State Park Distribution Line Project is complete, and all associated equipment and materials have been removed from the Park.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we completed this important project.

Project Overview 

We worked with the New Hampshire Department of Natural and Cultural Resources to rebuild the existing electrical infrastructure at Miller State Park in Peterborough and Temple, from Route 101 to the summit (about 1.02 miles).

The project updated the power line to current electrical and safety standards in order to meet customer demand—now and in the future. Existing wood structures, wires and surface mounted conduit were removed, and new poles and wires were installed. A new underground power line was constructed crossing under the Auto Road and adjoining private land, ending at the summit. 

We've been working with the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and local stakeholders since 2017 to develop a route that meets all required electrical standards, limits environmental and community impacts and can be built at a reasonable cost. 

Schedule (subject to change)

  • Finalize Permitting: First Quarter 2021
  • Begin Construction: April 2021
  • Auto Road Closure: April 15, 2021 closed to vehicles and pedestrians until May 27, 2021
  • Complete Line Construction: May 20, 2021
  • Complete Auto Road Repairs and Parking Lot Restoration: June 9, 2021 

Project Facts

Existing Utility Corridor – Overhead Line Construction

  • The existing utility construction begins at the Miller State Park parking lot and ends near the first building on the left adjacent to the Auto Road, approximately halfway to the summit.
  • Poles and wire were removed and replaced with new poles and wire in the existing utility corridor.
  • Park users may experience temporary trail closures on the Wapack Trail where it crosses the utility corridor during pole setting and wire stringing activities. We will provide advance notice for temporary trail closures.

New Utility Corridor – Overhead Line Construction

  • Construction began near the first building adjacent to the Auto Road on left, approximately halfway to the summit, and was constructed in a new corridor between the Auto Road and Wapack Trail.
  • New poles and wires replaced the existing above ground conduit system.

Summit – Underground Line Construction

  • The Upper Utility Corridor overhead line construction transitions to underground line beginning at the second building on the left, adjacent to the Auto Road, just below summit. Approximately 430 feet of trenching and underground conduit was installed, crossing the Auto Road and private land, ending at the summit.
  • An overhead line was installed off-road and will serve private property.

Project Map

Map of electric distribution line work to be completed at Miller State ParkClick or tap to enlarge 

Auto Road Closure

  • Auto Road was closed to automobiles and pedestrians between April 15, 2021, and May 27, 2021, to ensure safety of the public during construction. Pedestrian access to the summit was obtained by hiking the Marion Davis Trail.
  • On May 28, 2021, the Auto Road was reopened to vehicles and pedestrians.

Temporary Trail Closure

  • Wapack Trail – A portion of the trail was temporarily closed where the trail crosses the utility corridor when poles and new wire are installed in this area. Signage was placed at the location where the trail and utility corridor intersect, at the summit, and in the park parking lot to notify hikers prior to the closure.

Other Construction Facts

  • Generators were installed at two locations adjacent to the Auto Road to provide power while the existing line is de-energized during construction.
  • Construction equipment was working in multiple locations adjacent to the Auto Road throughout the park.
  • Construction may be loud at times, especially while working at the summit excavating the underground trench. The process includes hammering through the ledge to achieve the required trench depth. This type of excavation will be loud, and it will be continuous until all trench routes are installed. Eversource is making every effort to complete the work as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Eversource worked with local emergency officials to ensure access is available to the summit in case of an emergency.
  • A section of the parking lot was blocked off and used as a construction staging area.

Communication & Public Outreach 

At Eversource, we’re pleased to serve the communities where we work and live. Beginning with municipal briefings and community outreach efforts related to the Miller State Park Utility Rebuild Project, we have made a concerted effort to engage interested parties, town officials and residents, to inform, answer questions, and listen to any concerns about the project. 

A public information sign board was constructed and located in the parking lot for Park users to get information about the project. Signage was located throughout the park to identify work areas and provide a dedicated project hotline and email address for inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can the public still go to the park?

Yes, the park will still be open, however, there will be construction throughout the park to expedite completion. The Auto Road will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians between April 15, 2021, and May 27, 2021, to ensure safety of the public. 

Access to the summit will be available from the Marion Davis Trail and Wapack Trail. Starting on May 28, 2021, the Auto Road will reopen to vehicles and pedestrians. If temporary road closures are needed after May 28, 2021, pedestrians can access the summit via a temporary trail bypassing the summit construction and connecting to the Marion Davis Trail.

Contact Us

For more information or to sign up for project updates, contact Eversource at or 1-888-926-5334. Additional project information can also be found at