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Connecticut Net Metering

In this section you will find information pertaining to common questions about net metering. 

The Eversource Net Metering program is a renewable rate program available to customers using their own renewable energy source to generate electricity.

Net Metering

If you are installing distributed generation (e.g., solar panels) that is <2 MW, or already have a generator, you may be eligible for net metering, a method of measuring the energy consumed and produced by a customer’s generating facility.

If you are a customer applying for electrical interconnection, and you want to be considered for net metering, your on-line application is all you need to apply for net metering.

A sample net metering bill as well as answers to frequently asked questions is also available.

Banking Generation 

The balance of your account is updated each month during the standard billing cycle. Usage may be billed, or generation may be “banked” each month over a one-year period.

At the end of your annual banking period, the excess generation is “cashed out” with a bill credit applied to your account. Please note, if an individual’s cash-out is over $600 it is considered taxable income and Eversource will send you a 1099 Misc. tax form.

The kWh banking balance will be reset to zero and the annual cycle begins again with a new banking period.

For customers with solar generation, the annual cash-out is calculated, and credits applied, during an April 1 banking period.

For customers with other renewable technologies, you may choose your cash-out timing to be based on either an April 1 or October 1 banking period.


Customers will be reimbursed for any excess kWh at the time of the annual cash-out based on rate defined in Rider N - Class 1 of Eversource's Renewable & Hydroelectric Self Generation Net Energy Billing Service tariff.

The reimbursed amount will be based on the average hourly Connecticut ISO-New England Real-Time Locational Marginal Price (RT-LMP).  For solar installations, the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the annual period are used to calculate the average.  For all other renewable technologies, all hourly RT-LMPs during the annual period are included in the average.

This RT- LMP is set by ISO-New England as the hourly clearing price of electricity, and takes into account the costs of generation, losses, and congestion. More information can be found on the ISO-New England website.

Virtual Net Metering

Virtual Net Metering offers financial incentives to state, municipal and agricultural customers to encourage the installation of Class I and Class III distributed generation.

Please note, Virtual Net Metering is a capped program by sector (Agriculture, Municipal, State). More information about the status of the Virtual Net Metering Annual Credit Caps is available.

Please save your completed application as a PDF file and email it to You can also mail a copy to the address noted on the application.

The detailed Virtual Net Metering Pricing sheets can be found below:

Important Documents & Links

Contact Eversource

For questions about Net Metering Billing in Connecticut please email You can also call 800-286-2000 for residential customers or 888-783-6617 for business customers. Documents can be faxed to 888-810-5678.