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Take advantage of rebates and incentives on a wide selection of ENERGY STAR certified products.

Energy efficient products are a great way to stay comfortable while saving money and energy. You can take advantage of a wide range of rebates on qualifying ENERGY STAR products. 

Visit the link below to see the available deals, including up to $400 back on a clothes washer, $200 back on a refrigerator, $100 back on a thermostat, and more.

To see if you qualify for these money-saving rebates, sign-up for a no-cost Home Energy Assessment.

Rebates and Incentives @ Mass Save

ENERGY STAR Certified Product Rebates

Air purifiers remove fine particles such as dust, pollen, smoke and pet dander from indoor air, helping to clean your home and alleviate odors. An ENERGY STAR Certified model is 40 percent more efficient than a traditional model, helping keep your energy costs down and your home healthy. 

ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers remove the same amount of moisture from the air as traditional models, but use 28% less energy, helping to keep your energy bill low and saving more than $300 over the lifetime of the product. Connect to solutions for savings below.