Eastern MA SMART solar bill example

This sample bill is for Eversource solar customers in Eastern MA who participate in the SMART incentive program and have 2 meters: solar production and electricity consumption.

If you have a solar system but don't participate in SMART, please view a sample net metering bill.

Sample bills are for illustrative purposes only.

bill summary

A negative dollar value for Total Current Charges means your solar energy system produced more electricity than you used this month. The balance forward amount is from the previous month.


The Supply Charge will be zero in months when your solar energy system produced more electricity than you used.


All customers get a Delivery Charge that covers our cost to read your meters and provide you with a bill. This charge is applied regardless of your solar production or energy usage. 

current usage

The Current Usage (-149) reading is used to determine your net metering credit when you produced more electricity (sent to the grid) than you used to power your home.

current charges

This box shows a summary of all your charges. The breakdown is below. 

current usage

The Current kWh reading shows the electricity produced by your solar installation last month.

current usage

An historical view of your monthly kWh production will be shown here.

monthly kWh

If you see a zero in this summary of your monthly electric usage it means your solar system produced more energy than you used.

total current charge

The Distributed Solar Charge pays for the cost of solar incentives in Massachusetts and is calculated based on both your solar production and electric consumption meters.

total current charge

The amount on the NET MTR CRDT line ($-32.45) is calculated by multiplying your Current Usage by the net metering credit value. The Total Current Charges (-$25.53) reflect this net metering credit minus the delivery charge ($6.92). This credit will be applied toward next month's bill.