Eversource is always working to serve you better and perform at the top of industry standards.

newton-overhead-9We are constantly evaluating new procedures while also researching how other utilities operate - looking for new best practices to adopt and evaluating new technologies and security methods to ensure the highest levels of service and safety. 

Eversource has:

  • Enhanced our QA/QC program. Quality management is insuring procedures, processes, technology and people work effectively to achieve excellence in safety, compliance, reliability and productivity.
  • Constructed a new training facility in Berlin, Conn. The facility’s training yard features five main activity areas for safe, hands-on training of natural gas personnel.
  • Implemented an Eversource-specific Operator Qualification Program, which includes third-party proctoring of all employee testing. We are the first New England company to move our online operator qualification testing to an offsite facility.
  • Invested in state-of-the-art equipment that improves response time when isolating damaged mains. Our crews are fully trained and qualified using these systems to respond across our service territory.
  • A variety of other measures are also used to ensure pipeline safety.
    • Coordination with Dig Safe (Massachusetts) and Call Before You Dig (Connecticut).
    • Visual inspection programs.
    • Design and construction practices.
    • Workforce qualifications.
    • Government oversight and working with municipal agencies.
    • Leak surveys, pressure monitoring and odorization of natural gas.
    • Pipeline markers and facility mapping.
    • Public education programs.
    • Patrol of critical facilities and other security measures.