Summer 2021 Rate Adjustments

Changes to your electric bill coming July 1

Two rate changes will take effect this summer. Starting with July bills, customers with Eversource as their energy supplier will see a decrease to the Basic Service Charge. In addition, all customers will see an increase in the Grid Modernization Charge.

Did you know: An average customer uses 40% more energy in the hot summer months. We have energy efficiency programs and tips to help you lower your usage and save.

Chart showing average energy use during the summer in Massachusetts

Basic Service Charge Decrease

On July 1, if you receive Basic Service from Eversource, the price you pay for electricity will decrease from 11.795 cents per kWh to 10.753 cents per kWh.

The Basic Service rate does not apply to customers on competitive supply or municipal aggregation. 

Why is this rate changing?

As a regulated utility, we purchase electricity from wholesale suppliers on behalf of our customers who are signed up for Basic Service. We pass this cost to customers with no profit added. Per state regulation, this price changes quarterly.

Grid Modernization Charge Increase

Also on July 1, the Grid Modernization Charge is increasing. This is included under the delivery charge on your bill. This rate is scheduled to increase from .065 cents per kWh to .081 cents per kWh.

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Why is this rate changing?

This rate change covers costs associated with building and maintaining a reliable electric system and is adjusted annually on July 1.

Learn More About Supply and Delivery Charges

Your Eversource electric bill is made up of two charges—supply and delivery. As a regulated utility, the rates that make up these charges are reviewed and approved by state regulators.

What's the difference between supply and delivery?