Eversource Electric Rate Changes

On the supply portion of residential electric bills, the Basic Service Rate has increased to $0.11795 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) beginning on January 1. This rate is in effect until June 30, 2021.

In addition, charges under the the delivery portion of residential (non-heating) electric bills have increased by $0.00542 per kWh. See a full list of changes

Because these rates are charged per kWh, the actual impact to your bill depends on how much electricity you use. Typical residential customers on the Basic Service Rate use about 550 kWh of electricity per month.

Based on this usage, average customers will see a monthly increase of $13.53. This accounts for a $10.55 increase in supply and $2.98 increase in the delivery portion of your bill. 

Why does the electric supply rate increase in the winter?

Each year on January 1 and July 1, the purchase price of the energy we buy on your behalf from electric suppliers changes as demand for energy increases or decreases. This rate is called the Basic Service Supply rate. It represents the actual cost we pay for electricity from suppliers. The cost is passed directly through to you — with no profit to Eversource. 

As the temperature drops in the winter, natural gas demand increases to heat our homes. Natural gas is also used to generate more than 50% of our region's electric energy, so the demand impacts electric supply prices, too. 

Full list of delivery rate changes

Delivery rate charges include the cost of building, maintaining and operating the electric system, as well as public-policy fees that we are mandated to pass on to customers.

Delivery rate increases:

  • The Distribution Energy Charge has increased by $0.00518 per kWh
  • The Distributed Solar Charge has increased by $0.00143 per kWh

Delivery rate decreases:

  • The Transition Energy Charge has decreased by $0.00119 per kWh 

Third party suppliers

Your electric supplier, either Eversource or a third party you have previously chosen, is listed on the front of your bill. You have the option to buy your power from state-approved, third-party suppliers

We know that this winter will be especially challenging, as more people are working and studying from home, and we’re here to help, even if you’ve never asked for help before. We have special payment and assistance programs and ways to help lower your energy use and bill.

Call us at 866-861-6225. We can guide you through finding the right assistance program and help you with ways to lower your bill. We’ll work with you one-on-one to find the right option for you.

Increased usage affects both the supply and delivery charges on your bill. We're here to help and encourage you to take advantage of our energy efficiency programs. You can also take advantage of energy-saving tips and deep discounts on energy efficient solutions.