Winter Cost of Gas Increase

The market cost of natural gas and electricity is higher than normal this winter, driven by increased global demand and decreased natural gas supply in the United States. Because of this increase in prices, we’re asking all customers to prepare for higher-than-normal bills this winter.

We know any increase to your bill is challenging. We are here to help you manage your energy usage and bill.

What Does This Mean for Eversource Customers?

Impact for natural gas customers

Each winter and summer, we purchase natural gas from suppliers to meet customers' energy needs. Because inventories are down and global demand is high, prices are rising significantly. Our customers pay what we pay—with no profit to Eversource.

A cost of gas increase went into effect on November 1, 2021.

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Impact for electric customers

Beginning January 1, customers who are signed up for the Basic Service Supply option will see an increase to their electric bill. An average residential customer using 500 kWh of electricity per month could see between a 23% and 25% increase. This new rate will be in effect from January 1 until June 30.

We seasonally adjust the Basic Service Supply rate twice each year. This rate reflects the cost of electricity we purchase on your behalf. Like natural gas, this cost is directly passed through to Basic Service customers with no profit to Eversource.

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What You Can Do

Customers who want to manage their winter heating bill should act now. We have energy efficiency solutions and tools you can take advantage of today.

Sign up for a Virtual Home Energy Assessment

You could get personalized recommendations, energy-saving products for your home, rebates and more, including 75% or more off approved insulation projects. Income-eligible customers may qualify for additional money and energy-saving offers.

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Try Our Heating Cost Calculator

Try our heating cost calculator to see how colder weather impacts your bill and how small adjustments to your thermostat can help you save. 

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Here to Help

Even if you’ve never needed help before, you may now qualify for special programs to help lower your monthly bill, reduce your past due balance, or extended payment plans.