Find A Contractor

When switching to natural gas heat, you can use a contractor of your choice, or select one from our directory below.

This directory contains three types of contractors:

  • Heating Contractors: These contractors are able to perform many aspects of your natural gas conversion, including equipment installation, but may be limited in offering other services.
  • Value Price Program Heating Contractors: New for 2017, these heating contractors have agreed to special pre-negotiated pricing on natural gas equipment and installation available only to Eversource customers who are switching their heating systems to natural gas heat. They have committed to delivering great customer service, answering your questions and resolving any issues promptly.
  • Home Energy Solutions (HES) Certified Heating Contractors:  ​These contractors can provide the same services as a heating contractor. In addition, they can perform a comprehensive energy assessment which includes making immediate improvements such as treating critical air leaks and providing advice on insulation, window and appliance efficiency.

Check out our helpful tips for choosing a contractor for your project and download our Contractor Quote Comparison Worksheet (PDF).

DISCLAIMER:  Eversource (as hereinafter defined) does not endorse any of the plumbing and heating contractors including, without limitation, the VPP contractors, that are listed here (collectively, the “contractors”).  Also note that this list is not a comprehensive list of all contractors that perform these services.  The Contractors have represented to Yankee Gas Services Company, NSTAR Gas Company and/or their respective affiliates (collectively “Eversource’) that they have certain qualifications and perform installation and conversion and other plumbing and heating-related services in their respective service areas. Costs and availability of service work will vary by contractor so you may wish to obtain estimates from several contractors. It is the responsibility of you, the consumer, to verify that each contractor that you are considering and/or have selected is properly and fully licensed, insured and compliant with all applicable laws, codes, ordinances and /or permits.

Eversource expressly disclaims any responsibility and assumes no liability whatsoever, express or implied, for the contents of or the use of this information or for the related VPP program or for any loss, injury, or damages arising therefrom. In addition, Eversource makes no representation, guarantee or warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including any warranty, guarantee or representation concerning the qualifications or business practices of any of the contractors. This list of contractors has been supplied for your convenience only and is subject to the terms and conditions stated in this disclaimer.