Demand Response For Home Battery Storage

Earn rewards and lower carbon emissions by enrolling your home battery storage system in Eversource's ConnectedSolutions.

Home batteries can help you store clean energy generated by a home solar system, or simply provide backup energy in case you need it.

By enrolling in the ConnectedSolutions Demand Response program, you will be rewarded for allowing Eversource to use the energy stored in your battery at times of high demand.

Incentives for home batteries are based on the average kilowatt (kW) used per event, averaged over the season. There are two seasons you can enroll in. All events will occur between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm. If there is an extreme weather event in the forecast, we will not draw energy from your battery.

  Summer Winter
Incentive per average kW used $225 $50
Season Dates June 1- September 30 December 1 - March 31
Number of Events 30-60 5
Event Duration 3 hours 3 hours
Timing 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Your battery installer or vendor may submit the application for you. You can also download the application below and email it to:

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Qualified Partners 

Your battery or inverter must be from an approved manufacturer. Visit our FAQ page or click below to learn more.

Yearly Earnings

How much you earn is based on the average kW your battery contributes per event. A typical home battery could contribute an average of 5 kW per event. This would earn $1,125 for the summer season and $250 for the winter season.

Different batteries can contribute different amounts during events, and your battery must perform in accordance to your interconnection agreement. Additionally, some manufacturers may collect a portion of the incentive payment. Please contact your battery manufacturer or installer for more information about your battery's expected contribution and what, if any, portion of the incentive they collect.

Financing Options

Batteries paired with solar PV are eligible for low-interest financing through the Smart-E Loan sponsored by the Connecticut Greenbank in partnership with Eversource.

Learn more and apply for the Smart-E Loan

Frequently Asked Questions

Like to know more? We have answers to frequently asked questions about the ConnectedSolutions Battery Storage Demand Response program.

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