EV Charger Managed Charging

You can earn rewards of up to $200 per year by enrolling your electric vehicle (EV) charger in Eversource's ConnectedSolutions Managed Charging.

What is Managed Charging?

The program rewards you for using less energy during periods of peak demand, when others are using more.

During these periods, Eversource will make slight adjustments to decrease your EV charger's energy use. You will still be able to charge your electric vehicle, but you'll help decrease the strain on the electric system while lowering your carbon emissions even further.

Your vehicle will charge more slowly, but you'll stay in control and can override the managed charging event if you need to charge more quickly.

Rewards for Enrolling

By participating in ConnectedSolutions, you will be issued a $50 per month incentive for participation in each of the four months per year of the ConnectedSolutions season. This means you can earn up to $200 per year. You can expect to receive the participation incentive within 4–6 weeks of the completion of the season on September 30.  

How to Enroll

I already have an EV Charger

If you have already purchased a smart charger and are not currently enrolled in ConnectedSolutions, you can apply to enroll now. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive up to $200 along with your two-year commitment. 

Enroll in ConnectedSolutions Managed Charging

I don't have a Smart EV Charger yet

If you have or are planning to apply for any of the EV charging rebates available for a smart charger, wiring upgrade, or vehicle connection (telematics), you will be automatically enrolled in ConnectedSolutions once you submit your application. Then you’ll receive up to $200 along with your two-year commitment.  

EV Chargers for the Home

ConnectedSolutions for Other Devices

We can help you save even more with ConnectedSolutions for other devices, like Wi-Fi Thermostats, Air Conditioners and more. 

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