Understanding Cooling Costs and Usage

Depending on your cooling system, cooling your home can have a big impact on your energy use and drive up your bill. If you're looking to cut costs and save energy, we can help. 

How Much is My Cooling System Costing Me?

Cooling is often one of the largest sources of energy use in homes. Knowing how much energy you’re using can be eye opening. 

A good place to start is our Cooling Cost Calculator. You’ll be able to select your equipment type and understand average daily and annual costs based on various temperature settings. 

Try the Cooling Cost Calculator

How to Use Less Energy While Staying Cool

Whether you're looking to buy a new cooling system or improve your efficiency with the equipment you already have, we have options.

Make sure you're using the right system:

If you're looking to be more energy efficient at home:

ConnectedSolutions Demand Response

Looking for even more ways to save on cooling costs this summer? If you have the right equipment, enrolling in our WiFi Thermostat Demand Response Program could qualify to earn up to $45 for helping us lower demand on the electric grid.  

ConnectedSolutions Demand Response