EV Charger ConnectedSolutions Managed Charging

You can earn rewards of up to $300 the first year you enroll your electric vehicle (EV) charger in ConnectedSolutions.

What is ConnectedSolutions?

Receive a reward for using less energy during periods of peak demand, when others are using more.

During these periods, Eversource will ramp down or pause your EV charging. This will help decrease the stress on the electric system while lowering your carbon emissions even further.

Your vehicle will charge more slowly, but you'll stay in control and can override the ConnectedSolutions event if you need to charge more quickly.

When are peak demand events?

Peak events can occur late afternoon on summer weekdays and last 3 hours. Typically there are 10-15 peak events per year between June and September. 

Eversource provides advanced notice for peak events so that you can opt-out if necessary through the platform or by simply not charging during the event. You can opt-out of two events per month and still receive an incentive for that month. Also, we will not control your charge if you’re plugged in away from home.

Rewards for enrolling

You'll start by earning a one-time $100 reward when you enroll. 

When you participate in each of the four months per year of the ConnectedSolutions season, you will be issued an additional $50 per month incentive. This means you can earn up to $200 per year. You can expect to receive the participation incentive within 4–6 weeks of the completion of the season on September 30.

How to Enroll

To sign up for ConnectedSolutions, you'll need a qualified smart device that will allow you to participate in peak events. You have two different options for participation: 

  • A Qualified Level 2 Smart Charger. These smart chargers can connect to Wi-Fi, which allows them to participate. You'll need to make sure your smart charger is on this list. If you don't have a Smart Charger we offer rebates up to $500, and all chargers that qualify for a rebate can enroll in ConnectedSolutions.
  • Telematics Vehicle Connection. Some EVs, including most Teslas, can connect directly, without the need for a Smart Charger. You can check this list to see if your EV has this feature.

Once you're sure you have a qualified device, select the option below and enroll today. You'll be eligible for up to $200 in rewards every year, plus a $100 incentive for enrolling. 

I have telematics, but I need a wiring upgrade

Cars that have telematics will still need a high-voltage outlet to charge. We offer a $500 rebate to help you install the necessary wiring, plus a $100 reward for enrolling in ConnectedSolutions. 

Get your wiring upgrade

ConnectedSolutions for Other Devices

We can help you earn even more with ConnectedSolutions for other devices, like Wi-Fi Thermostats and batteries.

ConnectedSolutions for other devices