Rebates for Connecticut Home Charging

Charging at home is one of the most popular advantages of electric vehicles, and we have rebates to help with the purchase and setup, and options for renters.

Offers, Incentives and Rebate Amounts

  • We offer a $500 rebate on qualified Level 2 Smart Chargers.
  • You can get another $500 rebate to help with the costs of a home wiring upgrade to power your Level 2 Smart Charger.

Level 2 Smart Chargers will charge your car up to four times faster than a standard Level 1 charger, and they can connect to Wi-Fi networks to offer you even more control over your power use. 

You'll also be enrolled in our ConnectedSolutions program, which can help you earn even more for years to come.

Make sure you buy the right charger

To qualify for our EV Charging rebates, you'll need to install a Level 2 Smart Charger that can connect to our ConnectedSolutions network.

Before you buy, consult our Qualified Product List first to make sure the model you choose is eligible for a rebate. 

Earn even more once your charger is installed

Once your Level 2 Smart Charger is installed, as part of receiving your rebate you will be enrolled in ConnectedSolutions. By participating you'll earn up to $200 every year for helping us reduce stress on the electric grid. 

ConnectedSolutions Managed Charging

Still have questions?

Electric Vehicle Charging For Non-Homeowners

You don't need to own your home to drive an EV. If your condominium association or landlord is looking to install EV charging stations for the whole property's common use, we have solutions that meet those needs. 

See how we can help get you charging