Rebates for Connecticut Home Charging

Charging at home is one of the most popular advantages of electric vehicles, and we have rebates to help with the purchase and setup, and options for renters.

Which Chargers Are Eligible For Rebates?

We offer rebates up to $1,000 on the purchase and installation of select Level 2 Smart EV Chargers for your home or garage.

Level 2 Smart EV chargers can charge your car in 4-6 hours, and come with additional features like WiFi connectivity, apps to check your charging process, reminders to charge your car, and more. To install one, you'll need a dedicated 240-volt outlet.

Not all Level 2 Smart Chargers will be eligible for rebates. When you're choosing which smart charger to buy, be sure to consult our list of approved chargers to make sure yours qualifies for a rebate.

Rebates for other types of EV chargers

If you already have an EV Charger installed, or are looking to install a different type of EV charger, we might be able to help you save on an upgrade.

Level 1 (120-volt) - Level 1 chargers can be used with regular wall outlets, and are commonly used for home charging. This is the slowest type of charging, taking anywhere from 8-10 hours to fully charge your EV, but are the easiest option to set up in your home, or take with you on the road.

We do not offer rebates on Level 1 chargers. However, if you currently use a Level 1 charger at home but are interested in upgrading to a faster, smarter option, you can use our rebates on the purchase of a Level 2 Smart charger. 

If you already have a Level 2 charger installed, but it does not have smart features like wifi connectivity, we have rebate options to help you upgrade.

When you upgrade to a level 2 smart charger, you’ll gain access to a set of smart features, which often allow you to monitor your car’s charging level, review statistics from past charging sessions, see how much power is being delivered to you car, use virtual assistants to control charging and more.

Additionally, you cannot participate in ConnectedSolutions Managed Charging without a smart charger.

Level 3 (480-volt) - Level 3 charging is commonly referred to as DC Fast Charging. Level 3 chargers give your EV an 80% charge in about 30 minutes and are usually found in public places along popular travel corridors. Level 3 charging stations can have different connection ports, so be sure your EV is compatible or has the proper adapter before planning a trip around one.

Level 3 chargers are well suited for public spaces or in commercial buildings. We offer rebates for towns, businesses and more to install chargers.

How to Participate

I've already installed a charger

If you've completed installation of a Level 2 Smart Charger at your home on or after January 1, 2022, you may qualify for a rebate. Be sure to consult our list of qualified chargers to make sure yours qualifies for a rebate. 

If you currently use a Level 1 or Level 2 (non-smart) charger at home, but are interested in our rebates to upgrade to a faster and more dynamic Smart Charger, you can purchase and install a qualifying Smart Charger and apply below.

I haven't purchased or installed a charger yet

Our list of approved chargers is now live! You can consult this list, and then purchase a qualifying charger. 

Many EV chargers require the same wiring you'd find for a dryer or an electric stove to provide enough electricity to charge your car efficiently. All EV Chargers should be installed by a licensed electrician.

If you need to install new wiring, we have rebates available to you. Select the Wiring Upgrade option when you apply for your rebate below.

Additional rebates for some telematics vehicle connections

Telematics is a relatively new system installed in many EVs. It allows an EV to make smart decisions about energy use, connect to nationwide charger networks, and do lots of other innovative things.

If your vehicle has telematics, select the Vehicle Connection rebate option when applying and we will notify you if your vehicle is eligible for additional rebates.

Request a Rebate up to $1,000

There are a few pieces of information you should know about your charger before you apply:

  • What kind of EV charger do you have? We only offer rebates for Level 2 Smart EV chargers. If you're not sure what you have, contact your installer.
  • What is the make and model of your EV Charger?
  • Does your EV have telematics?
  • We also ask you have receipts and invoices for your charger and wiring upgrade ready.

Once you're ready, go ahead and fill out the rebate application!

Apply for your home charging rebate now

Still have questions?

  • Consult our Home Charging Rebate program guide, which is full of extra information about how we can help you save on a home charger.
  • We have answers to some of the most common questions about EV charging at home.
  • Talk with one of our EV experts. Fill out this contact form, and we will reach out by email or phone to help you.
  • Visit our EV Webinar page to sign up for coming webinars, or view recordings. 
  • View our Comprehensive Program Manual. Please note the Program Manual is a comprehensive manual for the CT EV Charging Program and contains the same information for residential and commercial programs that is available on our program web pages compiled into one document. We recommend you refer to the specific program materials. 

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